Listening Against the Stone

Listening Against the Stone
Listening Against the Stone explores Miller’s life-long spiritual journey through essays that span the breadth of her work, including six Pushcart Prize winning pieces.

Miller’s deeply personal essays paint a picture of how her sense of spirituality has evolved and shifted through the years: always rooted in a strong desire for connection. Together, they tell the story of a single woman making her way, stumbling but always seeking out touchstones—a dog, a friend, a painting, a tree—to help her gain her true bearings.

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Beautifully observed and rendered, one by one and taken together, Brenda Miller’s essays delight, transport, inspire, connect us to the world, and then back to ourselves. This is one of those books you read through in one sitting, then keep close at hand, sustenance for the head and the heart.

—Dinah Lenney, author of Bigger than Life

In Listening Against the Stone, Brenda Miller offers a captivating account of one woman’s evolving and eclectic spiritual path. The gift here is that she invites us along, offering a set of stunningly-beautiful essays and a voice like none other: sweet, joyful, wise, heart-breaking, and always honest and true.

—Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic and Desire

What exactly does the spiritual life look like?  Here are spiritual essays with their feet on the ground.  Brenda Miller is a modern contemplative, weaving the essential longings of the heart into ordinary, very human struggles.  With lyricism and grace, Miller demonstrates for us what Rilke meant by “living the questions.”

—Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, author of Home, Hardwood, and Holiness